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Forging steel

Company Extra Forge d.o.o., is a production and service company that deals with forging of various types of steel (stainless, high and low alloy and carbon). Our production program specializes in hot forging of steel semi-finished products, sizes between 0.1 kg and 8 kg, which give the product higher strength and toughness compared to other processes. Technological process of forging in the company Extra Forge d.o.o, allows products to be forged to an accuracy of ± 0.2 mm.

Our product range focuses on the following industries:

  • Mechanical engineering;

  • Railways;

  • Forklift industry;

  • Roads and bridges;

  • Auto-moto;

  • Agricultural machinery;

  • Lifting systems and various chains;

For forging steel forgings, we use the latest high-tech CNC forging hammer 50kJ, which is computer-controlled and provides us with higher accuracy, quality and controlled process of making forged products! Our 50 kJ CNC forging hammer allows us to process 600 tons of various types of steel annually.

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