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Our biggest motivation is the production of technically perfect semi-finished products according to the wishes of our customers, the acquisition of new technologies and knowledge and the achievement of the set goals of the company. Our motivation is also the smiling and happy faces of not only our customers but also our employees. Employees are the pillar of any well-established production and those who can make a key contribution to achieving the company's set goals.

Company goals

Strategic goals of the company Extra Forge for the period 2022-2026:

  • provide our customers with quality services and comprehensive solutions in the field of forging steel and aluminum and other metals,

  • establishment of quality service and products,

  • successful entry of the company into the market of forging services,

  • to consolidate and further increase the company's visibility in the immediate and wider environment, both in Slovenia and in Europe,

  • increase sales revenue by introducing:

    • new customers,

    • business models,

    • production processes,

    • products and

    • new technologies,

  • establish contacts with new business partners

  • to present itself successfully at key international fairs

  • set up a network of potential buyers in different European countries (˝ sales agent˝ - sales agents)

  • creating strategic business connections

  • to establish a sustainable organizational or employment structure,

  • establishing a healthy and friendly working environment

  • start of planned production and processes,

  • introduction of new high-tech processes in business as well as in production and upgrading of these,

  • establishing environmentally friendly operations

  • reduce the carbon footprint

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