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Forging of aluminum

At Extra Forge d.o.o. we also offer the service of closed die forging of aluminum. We can forge products of any alloy, weighing from 0.05 to 6 kg. The company can boast that our professional associates were among the first in this region to start forging products from aluminum, which is specific and different to the forging of steel forgings.

Our product range focuses on the following industries:

  • Shadow systems;

  • Agro oz. agricultural machinery;

  • Mechanical engineering 

  • Railways and trains;

  • Auto-moto;

  • Electrical and high voltage power industry;

  • Medicine;

Technological process of die forging of aluminum semi-finished products in the company Extra Forge , d.o.o., allows us to have an accuracy of ± 0.2 mm on our forgings. We use the latest CNC screw press 1000T for forging aluminum forgings, which ensures even greater precision, quality and a controlled process of making forged products! We can process about 200 tons of aluminum a year.

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