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About Us

We are a newly established company called Extra Forge d.o.o., forging future, our team consists of many experienced experts with many years of experience in the field of forging of steel, aluminum, bronze, copper and brass. The intertwining of the experience of senior experts with the intertwining of knowledge of our younger employees, who possess a wealth of knowledge about new technologies and production processes, is what we will offer to provide the necessary quality and sophisticated high-tech process and treatment of our customers. Our great advantage is that we can find any solution with our professional associates and business partners and meet all customer requirements for additional processing, such as KTL painting, process development and forging itself, machining, galvanizing, heat treatment and more.


Company Extra Forge d.o.o. is a company founded in 2021 and has started serial production in 2022 and offers the service of serial forging of steel and aluminum forgings, as well as the possibility of forging semi-finished products from copper, brass and titanium alloys. The company is a high-tech production company that strives for a comprehensive offer, quality workmanship, short delivery times. The company was conceptually formed with many experts who have more than 30 years of experience in the field of forging steel and aluminum forgings in order to provide customers with high quality and affordable semi-finished products or. forgings. The very concept of lean manufacturing and industry 4.0 or Factory 4.0 is all through in sight in designing both the business strategy, business processes and production processes of the company. The company is striving to build a recognizable brand Extra Forge, which will be based primarily on quality, short delivery times, production flexibility and ensuring continuous improvement in processes that will have a beneficial impact on both the company's operations and the production of products for our customers.


Commitment to quality

Establishing production and business that will completely coincide and take over the properties according to the quality certificate is key to providing exceptional services to our customers. Obtaining the ISO9001 quality certificate is the next step in confirming the quality of our products and processes. The concept of leading people in the company is definitely the integration, not only of lean and high-tech production, but above all of the set guidelines according to ISO9001. Given that the leaders in the company are already familiar with the guidelines and requirements of the certificate and that they also recognize the effectiveness of the latter, we believe that obtaining a certificate with the start of production will be just a formality.

Emphasis on environmental protection and the company's carbon footprint

The company is aware of the need to do as much as possible to preserve nature and a clean environment. Despite the demanding production and heavy industry of forging products, we are aware that our nature is fleeting and that our children and future generations will live on this planet for a long time to come. Since its establishment, we have been striving for the most environmentally friendly operating machines that use less energy and are more efficient; we are looking for regional suppliers and subcontractors, we strictly recycle waste and use renewable electricity efficiently. In the coming years, we are also striving to obtain most of our energy from renewable sources. In 2022, in the second quarter, the company will also perform an assessment for the ISO14001 environmental management certificate as part of the month of raising awareness of employees and business partners on the impact on the environment.

The core values of the company and our strengths

  • Professionalism: innovative solutions in the technical field and modern business a model that is achieved through the intertwining of experienced professionals and the introduction of the latest technological processes.

  • Quality: impeccable quality is of primary importance to the company, as we strictly adhere to the prescribed guidelines of the ISO 9001 quality certificate.

  • Flexibility of production: the production and business model of the company enable rapid changes in the wishes of customers, such as the urgent delivery time and various changes in the products themselves.

  • Protecting the environment and a friendly work environment: The company places great emphasis and effort on protecting the environment and providing a better tomorrow for our descendants, as well as placing great emphasis on both the physical and mental health of employees, which are the foundation of any successful society.

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